Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sisters 4 Ever

Sisters 4 Ever, special necklaces given to them by Felicia and her girls a week before Charlee passed. What a great reminder to Cashlee that she has a Guardian Angel with her at all times. I captured this priceless picture just hours before we buried our sweet girl. I can feel the love so strong, it brings tears every time I look at it. I am so blessed to call these girls my daughters! them so much! — with Jeff Nelson and Marcie Lucero.


Another Girl...

Charlee's boyfriend Rex was hugging another girl and she DID NOT like it! lol I absolutely LOVE this picture.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

An Easter Picnic

I went  and had a picnic with my baby girl today. I am so glad we picked such a quiet, peaceful and beautiful cemetary. This is our first holiday without her. As hard as it is, I know she still lives, is happier than ever and she is perfect in every way. I love and miss you Charlee Bear. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thank You!

We would like to give a heart felt THANK YOU to all of Charlee's Angels. Thank you for your love, support, donations and prayers. All your comments are carefully read and appreciated beyond words.  
We are so grateful to be parents of such a special girl, and to know just how many lives she touched brings tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts.  
Her heart was heard in her unspoken words, her smile could change your whole day and her spirit was bigger than the sea. 
Our Charlee girl lives on...she is her funny, spunky self again and she is dancing with the Angels!
We can not wait for the day we can hold her again and see that beautiful smile.
Love to you all,
Catrina & Jeff Nelson

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1 Month Today

Our family group hug before Jeff carried his baby girl to the gurney, a moment that will be in our minds and hearts forever. It's been 1 month today since she took her last breath and yet I can't get myself to move her things. Her wheelchair sits idol on our living room floor, her coat hung on the rack by the door, her stuffed animals lined up on the top of her couch, her rattle safely tucked away in my purse and her pajamas still folded on her dresser.
We miss you Charlee, every single second of the day. You are always in our hearts. We are happy to know that you are happy, safe and loving life on the other side! We love you with all our hearts. -Catrina & Jeff Nelson

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Families are Forever

March 9th we decided to go for a walk, just the 5 of us. It was the first walk for all of us in month but little did we know it would be our last with our little Charlee.  It was a quiet, peaceful feeling as we all took our turn pushing her, we could tell she was enjoying the sunand breeze on her face. As we rounded the school, Jeff picked up a bottle cap thinking it was trash, as he flipped it over we realized it wasn't trash at all!!! It was a beautiful message, one we've heard a thousand times... but this time it meant so much more! FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!! WOW, the feeling that over came our bodies was one I can't described. The tender mercies of our Savior, reminding us that this is not the end. We miss you Charlee, more than words can say but we are happy to know that your a free, running, singing and dancing. We love you so very much.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Charlee's Last Outing

This is the last outing Charlee would get in her precious life. 2 weeks ago today we took her out to get a picture of her by the tree that was planted in her honor in our church parking lot. Every time I see it, it will be a great reminder of how loved she was by so many. I miss you everyday my Charlee girl! :(